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Committed staff, the latest technology and efficient working processes.
Technically perfect nameplates and input systems can only be created with the ideal combination of all of the factors.
As a manufacturer of nameplates and input systems, we know the regulations inside out and give our customers an edge. Through innovation and solutions tried and tested in practice, we make type plates and input systems of the highest quality at our site in Freiberg with a staff of around 95 employees - MADE IN GERMANY. We are renowned for our comprehensive service, covering everything from advice through to logistics.

Digitale Typenschilder – Ihr Ticket für die Industrie 4.0

Schneller, günstiger und nachhaltiger als Ihre Mitbewerber sein mit dem digitalen Typenschild der Sommer GmbH! Jetzt unseren Fachbeitrag zum Thema Digitales Typenschild lesen.

Digitales Typenschild Industrie 4.0 mit RFID NFC QR-Code von Sommer GmbH Freiberg Deutschland – für digitaler Zwilling - digital twin - smart factory