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Product features

Operation of your input systems should be as simple as possible for your customers. The design, the control elements and the appearance of the product you are looking for determine the requirements of the aluminium front plate. We combine various surface finishes, mechanical processing and printing techniques until we have implemented your requirements for an optimally configured input system.

With alugraphics, for example, front plates with a brilliant, photo-realistic quality are available with maximum durability (weather, scratch and chemical-resistant). This type of production is therefore also a cost-effective solution for small series or individual pieces. Series with various texts and motifs or continuous numbering with bar codes and matrix codes are also possible.


  • Technical features, such as suitability for use in the food industry, are similar to those of stainless steel
  • but with 70% less weight
  • cheaper material
  • front plate can be printed with 4-colour sub-eloxal printing even with complex colour schemes
  • professional advice and support for new developments
  • CNC punching and milling systems for maximum precision and cost-effective production of complex mechanics




anodised / etched / painted / printed, depending on material with various gloss levels and surface treatments / passivated (chromium VI-free) / brushed


The combination of milling and laser cutting makes almost any shape possible. Even complex contours and precision machining are possible.


The front plates and front frames are printed, painted or lasered to meet your requirements. Of course, we can also combine these printing techniques to produce the best possible results.


On request, we also offer you customised assembly of everything through to completely finished systems. With alugraphics sub-eloxal printing, even complex colour schemes can be created.


  • Fastening clips or screw inserts
  • press-in bolts
  • pre-assembled seals
  • use of Braille, with aluminium even fully anodised
  • 19 inch Format option on
  • customised assembly through to complete systems
  • single and large series production runs


In accordance with your specific requirements, such as kanban, customised containers or packaging types to ensure optimal parts supply, storage and handling.

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