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Product features

Operation of your devices should be as simple as possible for your customers. The design, the input systems, the control elements and the appearance of the product you are looking for determine the requirements of a support plate. Thanks to our wide range of production options, we are able to provide you with an optimal combination of materials, surface treatments, machining and printing techniques so that your input system product solution is exactly tailored to your requirements.


  • Use of Braille possible
  • Combination of support plate with decorative film
  • Pre-assembled seals, press-in bolts or fixing clips


Aluminium / stainless steel


Anodised or without any further surface treatment (bare metal)


The combination of milling and laser cutting makes almost any shape possible For lower edge quality specifications, openings and outlines are also punched for reasons of cost-effectiveness.


  • Fastening clips or screw inserts
  • press-in bolts
  • pre-assembled seals
  • combination with support plate and back-printed decorative film (-> see “Front film”)
  • use of Braille


In accordance with your specific requirements, such as kanban, customised containers or packaging types to ensure optimal parts supply, storage and handling.

Application examples