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Product features

The technology of our capacitive keyboards provides absolute user-friendliness and unlimited flexibility in design and form. Even complex customer specifications can therefore be implemented.

Capacitive keyboards require no actuation force but work simply by moving a finger towards them. The finger brings about a change in capacity that is detected by the controller.

The use of glass, polycarbonate or acrylic glass in thicknesses up to 6 mm creates a robust and resilient design that is resistant to moisture and disinfectant. Glass surfaces are highly durable, scratch-resistant and have a high chemical resistance. 

The capacitive keyboard can be equipped with keys, sliders or wheel functions. Keys can also be lit uniformly. 

The areas of application include the medical, automation, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in particular. 

On our assembly lines, the keyboards are combined with fronts and housings to create the optimal integrated systems. In this way, innovative input systems with sealed surfaces are created which take account of complex customer requirements and design specifications. We then carry out various tests on the whole system (climate/function test).

As a result, you will have a reliable control unit designed for your application.


  • Tested for reliable operation in industrial processes
  • very long service life
  • can be operated when wearing gloves
  • reliable functionality even in damp conditions (water drops, cleaning processes)
  • full, optically transparent surfaces made from glass, polycarbonate or polyester with no dirty edges
  • uniformly lit keys
  • lettering strips can be inserted
  • use of an additional integrated projected capacitive touchscreen


Glossy / anti-reflective / with micro-etching


  • As a flexible sensor for installation in the customer’s production facility
  • Glass surface up to 6 mm thick
  • Plastic surface up to 3 mm thick
  • Integration of the control unit into front plates/housings for a complete system


In accordance with your specific requirements, such as kanban, customised containers or packaging types to ensure optimal parts supply, storage and handling.

Application examples