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Product features

The technology of projected capacitive touchscreens offers completely new options for operation and design, as you will already know from smartphone products.

Capacitive touchscreens require no actuation force but work simply by the operator moving a finger towards them. The finger brings about a change in capacity, which is detected by the controller and converted into an X/Y position Output. The sensors are drift-free and therefore their positioning is always accurate.

Projected capacitive touchscreens enable multi-touch operation, gesture recognition and operation with one to 10 fingers. Operation is even possible with gloves and is not impaired by a damp environment or water spray.

Our sensors work under glass up to 6 mm thick (or 3 mm of plastic), resulting in an almost indefinite service life. Along with our standard capacitive touchscreens, Sommer will supply you with customised complete solutions: on our assembly lines, we finish the touchscreens with aluminium, stainless steel or plastic fronts and housings to match the integrated system perfectly.

In this way, innovative input systems with sealed surfaces are created which take account of complex customer requirements and design specifications.


  • Tested for reliability in industrial use
  • multi-touch and gesture detection
  • can be operated with gloves
  • reliable operation even in damp conditions (water drops, cleaning processes)
  • automatic calibration with fully developed controller technology


Glossy / anti-reflective

Glass up to 6 mm / plastic up to 3 mm thickness


  • As an integrated touch-operated unit in fronts and housings
  • Capacitive keys
  • pre-assembled seals
  • customised designs
  • 24 inch format available

Application examples