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Product features

Touchscreen technology with front films attached with transparent adhesive meet the highest standards for industrial and medical control units. The transparent adhesive used to fix the front film facilitates continuous integration of film keyboards into the user interface.

We can optimise the design of our aluminium, stainless steel and plastic housings. In this way, innovative input systems which take account of complex customer requirements and design specifications are created under one roof.


  • Sealed surfaces prevent dirt penetration and make your input system resistant to liquids, ensuring compliance with high standards of hygiene.
  • variable user interfaces
  • customised designs
  • the glued unit can be cleaned easily.
  • full-surface protection of the touchscreen thanks to the transparent adhesive used to fix the front film.
  • integration of keyboards


Special glass: transparent / anti-reflective

Anodised aluminium: matt / glossy

Stainless steel: bare / brushed


  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • resistive touchscreen
  • integrated keyboards
  • back lighting
  • special glass
  • aluminium or stainless steel

Application examples