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Product features

Perfect flexibility - touchscreens offer absolute user-friendliness and unlimited flexibility. They come into their own in many different areas of application as a standard or customised touch solution. Every application has customer or industry-specific requirements, which we meet without exception.

Input systems with integrated touchscreens meet your requirements and installation options thanks to the use of front films. Touchscreens are available in 4-core, 5-core and 8-core designs and as matrix touchscreens.

Our touchscreen solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers. We combine individual design requirements with operating comfort and integrate your control unit perfectly into its housing. Easy and optimal installation of the touchscreen is a distinctive feature that reflects the quality of the control unit.

We offer you innovative solutions here, in particular the full-surface transparent adhesive on the front film, which provides significant advantages in many areas! In combination with film keyboards, there are hardly any limits to your options. Je Depending on the type of application and customer requirements, we will fit our own housing or a customised variant. The use of glass, polycarbonate or acrylic glass in thicknesses up to 6 mm creates a robust and resilient design that is resistant to moisture and disinfectant. Glass surfaces are high durable, scratch-resistant and have a high chemical resistance.


  • Customised designs
  • variable user interfaces
  • integrated solutions
  • very good light permeability
  • standard sizes
  • cost-efficiency
  • long service life
  • .


Transparent / anti-reflective


  • 4-core, 5-core, 8-core in various cable lengths and with various connectors
  • matrix
  • customised glass
  • equipped with buttons, sliders or wheel functions

Application examples