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Product features

Continuously printed or lasered 2D code plates and data matrix plates in a wide range of materials, designs and types of attachment for fast and reliable code identification or clear numbering.


2D code plates and data matrix code plates from Sommer provide strong resistance to abrasion and external factors such as corrosion, petrol, oil, acids, alkalis, solvents and vapours. They are also extremely temperature-resistant. Plates with stamped codes for the very highest resilience or with painted and surface coating treatments are also available.


Aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, composite materials


Paint protection:

Paint protection laminates prevent the information on the code plate from being painted over. After a painting process, the paint protection label is simply removed and the barcode or data matrix code is legible again.


The combination of milling and laser cutting makes almost any shape possible. Even complex contours and precision machining are possible.


The 2D code and data matrix code plates are printed, painted or lasered to meet your requirements. Of course, we can also combine these printing techniques to produce the best possible results.


Almost any code can be produced

Fixing: Holes/self-adhesive (high-performance adhesives also for special applications)


In accordance with your specific requirements, such as kanban, customised containers or packaging types to ensure optimal parts supply, storage and handling.

Application examples