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Product features

For perfect adhesion to difficult surfaces.

Rough, curved or difficult adhesion surfaces used to be a challenge for product labelling in the production process. Special labels from Sommer hold immediately, however you process your workpiece subsequently.

The variation options for our labels are so extensive that we can meet almost any requirements. Discuss your specifications with us and we will choose the optimal combination of the various options and finishes for you. 


Outstanding adhesion properties on rough, curved, oily or difficult adhesion surfaces

Temperature resistance

  • -20 to +120
  • +150 for short periods


  • Polyester film (PET)

Lackier- / Oberflächenschutz

A range of variants are possible:

  • Transparent polyester film (recommended for heavy mechanical abrasion, contact with caustic substances or as paint protection)
  • Combined paint and surface protection laminates – brought together in just one “laminate sandwich”. As a result, several paint protection films can be removed, while printing on the base label at the end of the process chain is permanently protected thanks to the durable surface protection laminate.


Almost any shape possible with only small tool costs, if there are any at all.


Almost any colours are possible

  • Continuous numbering/barcodes and matrix codes
  • Any number/letter heights/fonts available


Self-adhesive (high-performance adhesives also for special applications)


individually (with or without peel-off tab), on sheets or rolls

Application examples