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Product marking for demanding industrial environments

The laser markable film som8010 consists of a specially developed white polyester film with a black, extremely durable top layer.

Our product has been specially developed for marking and contour cutting by means of all commercially available laser marking systems. The very precise and high-contrast marking is created by the removal of the special black coating from the underlying white polyester film.

The product has been specifically designed for laser marking and contour cutting using all commercially available laser marking systems.

The main application area is product marking for demanding industrial environments with high requirements for chemical, temperature and weather resistance as well as abrasion and aging.

The high-performance acrylic adhesive is universally applicable and achieves high final adhesion even on substrates with a low surface ener

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Sven Kleine

Key Account Product labeling
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Labeling and contour cutting

The first step is to cut the contour, ...
... then the lettering is lasered.

Main applications and features

  • Labels for the highest demands of durable products in the automotive and mechanical engineering, appliance and electrical industries
  • Accurate and high-contrast marking results with best code readability
  • Extreme resistance to chemicals, solvents, heat, weathering, abrasion and aging
  • Maximum efficiency and flexibility through marking and contour cutting in a single operation
  • Time savings through the use of pre-cut labels with fixed label sizes

Product variants

  • Security effects for non-destructive release
  • Anti-counterfeiting due to UV imprint left behind
  • Individual, application-related development of special adhesives and carrier materials

Quality at all levels

The laser-markable films with an above-average chemical resistance!

Adhesive strength

After more than four hours immersed in diesel, gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid and AdBlue, the films indicate no change in adhesive strength!

Rub test

Even after treatment with acetone, bioethanol and gasoline, a QR code is still readable without problems! Improved contrast due to stronger white tone of the lasered areas after the rubbing test, as the rubbing removed the residues of the marking process.

Temperature / climate change resistance

Temperatures of 130° Celsius over 72 hours are no problem for our laser-markable films! They even pass the Volkswagen PV 1200 standard (+80°C/-40°C)!

Structure of the individual layers

Product information

Download our product info as PDF now "laserbeschriftbare Folie - som8010"! Click here!


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Sven Kleine

Key Account Product Labelling
fon: 49 7141 2745-31