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Product features

Unlike other printing techniques, with the anodising process (fully anodised in accordance with DIN 30645) the colours do not sit on metal carriers but are embedded under the transparent anodised layer in the aluminium pores of the type plates themselves, like a Tattoo.   

This results in type plates that are highly resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses and UV exposure.


  • high durability
  • fast and cheap production of small number of pieces
  • economically production of big batches
  • complex coloured print with alugraphics
  • special packaging- and delivery options 


Aluminium 0,1-4,0 mm


Surfaces: anodised: high gloss / satin / matt

Stainless steel finish also available


Make the most of our extensive tool stocks. The combination of punching/milling/laser cutting makes almost any shape of type plate possible with only small tool costs, if there are any at all.


Colour selection using all standard colour ranges (RAL, HKS, Pantone)

The colour white is represented by the silver colour of the base material. Eloxal colours create a metallic laser effect. We will be happy to sample your preferred colour for type plates


Various types of lettering

  • Any numbers/letter heights/fonts possible
  • continuous numbering/bar codes and matrix codes
  • individual laser engraving

Design / fixing

Fixing holes / self-adhesive (high-performance adhesives also for special applications)

Application examples