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Product features

A 3-dimensional, flexible name plate with relief embossing and/or shaped embossing highlights your company logo, the background or any other details.

The elegant finish with a contrast of matt/glossy surfaces and a wide range of colours round off the product advantages of embossed name plates.


  • Elegant finish with relief embossing
  • wide range of designs for your company logo
  • combination of matt and glossy surfaces possible
  • braille lettering possible


Aluminium 0.3-1.0 mm


High gloss / satin / matt / brushed (stainless steel look)


Make the most of our extensive tool stocks. The combination of punching/milling/laser cutting makes almost any shape of type plate possible with only small tool costs, if there are any at all.


Colour selection using all standard colour ranges (RAL, HKS, Pantone)

Design / fixing


Fixing holes / self-adhesive (high-performance adhesives also for special applications)

Application examples