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Product features

Functional plates, films and parts for technical applications are developed in close collaboration with our customers. Our products are ideal if you want to label, combine, separate or simply protect something – either temporarily during a production stage, such as a painting or transport procedure, or throughout the entire service life of your product.

The range includes covers for a variety of purposes, packing and spacing plates, heat conducting plates and scratch protection films. Functional parts are usually self-adhesive, but can also be screwed or clamped to the base surface.

With our customised solutions, we try to optimise your production processes and your assembly and disassembly procedures at the same time by installing functions and offering tools that simplify and improve handling.

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Optimisation of your production processes. Through close collaboration with our customers, we develop functional parts such as covers, non-scratch films and spacers that make a crucial difference to your production process. 

Press article: One innovation saves 1,000,000 seconds


Aluminium, stainless steel, plastics


The combination of milling and laser cutting makes almost any shape possible. Even complex contours and precision machining are possible.


The functional parts are printed, painted or lasered to meet your requirements. Of course, we can also combine these printing techniques to produce the best possible results.


In accordance with your specific requirements, such as kanban, customised containers or packaging types to ensure optimal parts supply, storage and handling.

Supply to consignment warehouse, supply in small load carriers

Other supply and delivery concepts on request

Application examples