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Product features

With printed type plates, there is an unlimited variety of colours and shapes. The type plates are weather-resistant and scratch-resistant because of the full-surface stove-enamel finish.


  • full-surface stove-enamel finish as surface protection
  • Individual range of designs
  • white printing possible


  • Aluminium 0.1-4.0 mm
  • stainless steel 0.4-2.5 mm
  • brass 0.4-2.0 mm
  • plastics


  • glossy/matt
  • bare, brushed, polished
  • matt, brushed, polished


Make the most of our extensive tool stocks. The combination of punching/milling/laser cutting makes almost any shape of type plate possible with only small tool costs, if there are any at all.


Colour selection using all standard colour ranges (RAL, HKS, Pantone)

Design / fixing

  • Any number/letter heights/fonts possible
  • continuous numbering/barcodes and matrix codes
  • customised laser engraving

Application examples