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Your ticket for the industry 4.0

During the course of digitalisation, over several years, many industrial processes have been analysed, rethought, further developed and newly developed. This includes the management and sending of product and manufacturer information using digital nameplates. Due to the demands placed on innovative and digital production processes, what started life as “simply” an efficient and sustainable alternative to the conventional nameplate is now rapidly gaining in relevance.

The digital nameplate from Sommer GmbH is the first - and at the same time necessary - step for the digital twin of the industry 4.0.

As an expert for the digitalisation of nameplates, we will be pleased to advise you on how you can use all the advantages of digital nameplates in your production processes. We can also support you in the design and implementation of your digital nameplate, and together with our partner network, with the digitalisation of your product as well.

I will be happy to advise you:

Katharina Janz

Head of Sales Product Labelling
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Advantages of digital nameplates

Save time and money
by providing instant digital access to current and multilingual documents, certificates and safety instructions
Future-proof & always up-to-date
due to continuous updates and almost unlimited quantities of digital information
due to the elimination of paper documentation
Recognised with a worldwide standard
Availability and acceptance due to manufacturer-spanning standards

The new standards for digital nameplates

There are two relevant standards that raise the manufacturer-spanning standard in terms of acceptance and availability on an industry-wide, global basis.

The digital nameplate as a clear form of product identification

The product identification is defined worldwide with the use of a unique URI (Unique Resource Identifier). The identification allows for the provision of online product documentation, with full access to all the information and services regarding the product throughout its lifecycle.

The mapping of the URI is DIN SPEC 91406 and its international further development IEC 61406.

Digital nameplate as DPP (Digital Product Passport)

The Digital Product Passport (DPP for short) contains the essential product information in digital form. This information can be read using a smartphone or tablet without the requirement for an internet connection.

The mapping of the DPP is the VDE V 0170-100. This initial standard provides the basis for the forthcoming international IEC 63365 standard.

More product information in less space

Despite the increasing amounts of product information, up to 40% less space is required.

Comparison of conventional and digital nameplates

Characteristic Conventional nameplate Digital nameplate as product passport Digital nameplate as product ID
Number of characters, information content Limited due to size of nameplate Limited due to information capacity of the technology (QR code, RFID chips, etc.) Unlimited
Reader required No Yes, e.g. smartphone or tablet Yes, e.g. smartphone or tablet
Update option No Technology-dependent Yes
Internet connection required No No Yes
Long-term operation of a suitable data infrastructure necessary No No Yes
Access to device information Local only Global Global
Documentation of product cycles of individual components Complex Simplified Simplified

The European Green Deal and the Digital Product Passport

Europe has set itself a goal: By 2050, the EU is to be completely climate neutral. To achieve this goal, concepts, strategies and regulations have been developed and implemented since 2015. And this is another area in which digital nameplates have come into play.

Rather than sending extensive documentation, manufacturer information, product data, manuals and certificates on paper together with the product, with digital nameplates, you can make all the information and translations available in digital form in a matter of seconds. This saves you and your customers time and money, and adapts itself to the possible future legal situation right now.

Map the whole of the process with Sommer

Wide range of applications

Our longstanding experience and extensive know-how make us the right partner for digital nameplates, even when the requirements are special - we support you from the heavy-duty to the high-security product..

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We support you with the digital transformation

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Head of Sales Product Labelling
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